Rules & Regulations

Dress Code - Golf courses and practice areas:

*Appropriate golf shirt with sleeves
*Golf shorts or slacks
*Appropriate Golf footwear
*Tank tops, T-shirts, cut-offs, sleeveless shirts, and swimsuits are not allowed

*Appropriate Golf attire
*Appropriate Golf footwear
*Appropriate Golf shorts or slacks
*Halter tops, T-shirts, tube tops, short shorts, cut-offs, and swim suits are not allowed

NOTE 1: Collarless dress shirts or sweaters with sleeves are acceptable.
NOTE 2: Jeans and jean shorts are allowed providing that they are neat in appearance and absent of fray and/or holes.
NOTE 3: Balcones is a soft spike facilities. Golf shoes with traditional metal spikes are not allowed.

Golf Rules

Golf facilities are for the private use of Members and their invited Guests and are not open to the public. Club Management shall determine when the Golf Courses and Practice Ranges are playable. Members may not use Golf facilities when closed. The Head Golf Professional is responsible for managing the Pro-Shops, Practice Ranges and all play on our Golf Courses.

All Golf Play shall be in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf unless modified by published Local Rules.

All players must register in the Pro-Shop prior to playing the Course. All Member and Guest Golf Fees shall be paid prior to the start of play. Rainchecks will be issued ONLY if the Golf Course is closed. No rainchecks will be issued for twilight play (nine holes) after play has started.

No outside food or beverage may be brought onto the Golf Courses by Members or Guests for their personal consumption, unless otherwise approved by the General Manager or their designee.

Practice is confined to the Practice Ranges and Practice Greens. Range balls may be used on the Practice Ranges only, and may not be used on the Golf Courses. Unused Range Balls are to be left on the Practice Tee.

Members and Guests are expected to be courteous to other players and to follow the accepted “Rules of Etiquette” while playing Golf.

Players shall respect the property rights of residents adjacent to the Golf Courses. No player shall enter onto private property from Club property.

Each player shall have his or her own set of Golf Clubs and wear appropriate Golf Attire as described in the Club Dress Code. Bare feet will not be allowed in the Pro-Shops, on the Practice Ranges, or on the Golf Courses. Members are required to have a current Balcones Country Club bag tag clearly displayed on their golf bag.

Tee Times may be secured up to seven days in advance at the Pro-Shop of the Course to be played.

Foursomes shall have preference for starting times on weekends and holidays. The Golf Professionals will, if at all possible, combine smaller groups into foursomes or re-sequence starting times to optimize the pace of play. Fivesomes may be approved by the Golf Professionals when they will not impact the pace of play. Players in fivesomes must ride in Golf Carts at peak times and must maintain the pace of play.

Slow play is unacceptable and will not be accommodated. A four hour round is considered a normal pace of play.

Play will start from the Number One Tee unless otherwise directed by the Golf Staff.

Groups falling one hole behind are required to pick up and advance to the next Tee, or allow the group following behind them to play through. Groups invited to play through must do so. Players are encouraged to play “Ready Golf”. The Golf Staff will help any Member with “Ready Golf” instruction. Players stopping at the turn may lose their place.

Golf Course Marshalls and Pro Shop Staff are authorized to ask slow groups to pick up and advance to the proper position of the course or move aside and allow faster players to play through. If the request is denied, the Marshall shall then call for Management Assistance. The slow group will be asked to leave the Course for the day.

Groups playing a contest where each player does not finish out the hole may not play “through the field”. They may play through only when a clear hole is open ahead of the group in front of them and they are invited to play through or assisted to play through by a staff member.

Players shall repair ball marks on the Greens and repair or sand divots. Sand traps shall be raked after use.

Pull Carts are not allowed on the slopes of Greens or Tee Boxes. Golf Bags may not be placed on or inside the second cut of the Green.

Play will be immediately suspended whenever lightning is in the area. Each player has the right and is encouraged to suspend his/her play Rule 6-8 and seek cover, if it is believed there is danger from lightning. When lightning is detected in a local area, a warning signal of one long blast on an air horn will be sounded by the Golf Staff at several locations to clear the Courses and Practice Ranges. All players that have not already suspended play must immediately stop play and proceed to safety when the warning is heard. Players should not wait for a warning signal when it is suspected there is a threat of lightning. In seeking safety avoid open areas, water, metal, wire fences, overhead wires or power lines, isolated trees, elevated ground, machinery and golf carts. Players should seek sheltered areas such as a Clubhouse, maintenance building, on-course building, automobile, dense woods or low-lying area. Play and Practice may not resume until the Golf Professional sounds the “all clear” signal of two short blasts on an air horn.

Children under the age of twelve (12) are generally not allowed on the Golf Course unless accompanied by a responsible adult. The Golf Professional may grant exceptions for younger players who follow the rules and can maintain the proper pace of play. Players must have a valid driver’s license in order to operate a Golf Cart. Non-playing children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a non-playing adult.

For reasons of safety, children under the age of eight (8) are discouraged from being on the Golf Course. Children under five (5) years of age must be accompanied by a non-playing adult. Infants under one (1) year of age and infants being carried in strollers, in papoose type carriers and in child carrier seats are not allowed on the Golf Course.

Golf Cart Rules

Registration and use of Private Golf Carts is restricted to Stockholding Golf Members. Private Carts shall have a current year Permit sticker visibly displayed on the Golf Cart. Players riding with a Private Cart owner will be charged a discounted Rental Cart Fee.

Private Cart owners are required to cover their Cart with adequate Liability and Damage Loss Insurance.

Private Carts may not be used by players other than the owners (family members G1027 listed on the Club membership).

A valid driver’s license is required to operate either a Private or Rented Golf Cart on Club premises. Cart renters are liable for any damage to the Cart or other property as well as any personal injury caused by the operation of the Cart they have rented.

All Rental Carts shall be returned to the designated Return Area immediately after playing.

Cart capacity is limited to two players and two golf bags.

Riding players in the same group will share one cart for each two players. A player insisting on riding alone may do so by paying for the full cart (two times the normal 18 hole Fee) but only if Carts are available. Walkers who decide to ride after they have started playing must pay the appropriate Cart Fee after the round is over.

Carts will remain on cart paths or obey the “ninety degree rule” as posted. Carts are restricted to the cart path on all Par 3 holes.

Carts must stay on cart paths around all tees and greens. Cart operators must obey all Cart Signs, stay out of roped areas and drive on healthy turf whenever possible. Cart operators shall keep all four tires on the cart path around tees and greens.

For safety reasons, carts may not be driven on steep slope areas of the Golf Courses or operated in a reckless manner. Carts shall not be operated in wooded or rocky Roughs, in Out of Bounds areas, on Private Property adjacent to the Golf Course or close to Water Hazards. The parking brake must be engaged whenever a Cart is parked.

Rented Carts may not be taken off Club property except where cart paths cross public streets. Extreme caution should be used when crossing public streets or when operating a Cart in the Club parking lots.

Reporting Scores for Handicap Purposes

The Handicap Committee’s primary charge is to manage and monitor the GHIN handicap system. Its ultimate objective is to develop an all-inclusive culture at the Club which requires that all appropriate scores (both home and away) should be posted accurately and consistently for handicap purposes. If 13 or more holes are played, the player shall post an 18-hole score. If 7 to 12 holes are played the player shall post a nine-hole score.

Golf Etiquette

Slow Play: If a playing group of golfers is not on schedule to play in less than four hours for 18 holes and falls one clear hole behind the group in front, the slow group MUST invite the group behind it to play through. If play is delayed (more than 5 minutes) on account of a lost ball, the group playing behind should be invited to play through. Should either of these conditions occur and the group playing behind the slow group or behind the group with the lost ball is not invited to play through, it is the right and privilege of such group playing behind to ask permission to play through. The slow group of players or the group with the lost ball is then required to take positions on the course out of play and shall remain stationary until the invited group has played through. The invited group MUST play through once the invitation has been received, in order that following groups will not be delayed. A group also must step aside and let the group behind play through anytime the course marshal so instructs. For purpose of this section a group is defined as three or more players. Singles and twosomes have no special playing privilege regarding pace of play.

Holes in Bunkers: Before leaving a bunker, a player should fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by the player. Replace Divots: Repair Ball-Marks & Spike Damage: Through the green, a player should ensure that any turf, cut or displaced by the player is replaced at once and pressed down. Also, any damage to the putting green made by a ball is carefully repaired. On completion of the hole by all players in the group, damage to the putting green caused by golf shoe spikes should be repaired.

Practice: All practicing should be limited to the driving range and practice areas of the club.

Regulations/Procedures for Member Identification, Carts, Tee Boxes, Greens, Rakes


Information is available in the Pro Shop regarding the use of motorized golf carts and pull/push carts. Highlights from this material that affect golfers on the course are as follows:

Motorized carts: No more than two persons and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart. Golf carts shall remain on cart paths when and where required by the Pro Shop. Golf carts shall not be driven or parked within thirty feet of any tee box, bunker, green or hazard (except when on the golf cart path provided). Golf carts should be driven across fairways only at right angles (90 degree rule). All private carts to be used on Club property must be approved through the Club and must conform to all specifications as determined by Club.

Pull/Push carts may not be taken within ten feet of any tee box, bunker, green or hazard (except when on the golf cart path provided).

Registration of carts and trail fees: All private carts must be registered annually and labeled with a sticker prior to being used on the course. All private carts must be approved by the General Manager. Members must be aware of the Club’s policy concerning member owned carts and should review the Private Cart Agreement, which is available in the Accounting Office, prior to the purchase of their cart. Trail fees are charged for private motorized carts. A motorized golf cart trail fee payor may ride free of charge in the cart of another payer.

All trail fee non-payers must pay a cart fee regardless of whose cart they occupy.

Tee-Boxes - Players should fill in divots made on the tee boxes with the sand/seed mixture provided on the tee boxes.

Greens and Bunkers - Golfers should repair divots on greens and fairways. Rakes should be placed on the outside edge of the bunker, so that they are positioned parallel with the fairway.

Local Rules - Local rules are printed on the back of Balcones scorecards and on rule sheets prepared by the Pro Shop for competition arranged for golf associations, leagues, and other types of invitational play.

Important Questions

What should I wear? Proper golf attire consists of pants or Bermuda-length shorts. Men’s shirts must have collars. All of the following are prohibited: short shorts, cut-offs, tennis or running shorts, T-shirts, cargo pants and tank tops.

Where should I change? Members and guests must change clothes in the locker rooms only. Changing of clothes in the parking lot is prohibited.

How many guests may I bring? Members may bring up to nine guests to play golf, and should call ahead to schedule tee times. No more than nine guests per Member are permitted at any time.

Who may drive carts? Golf carts may be operated by anyone 16 years of age and older, providing that person has a valid driver’s license. Carts should always be driven on the cart paths, unless the ninety degree rule is in effect.

Do I need a tee time? Tee times are recommended and may be obtained by calling the golf shop. Players who do not schedule tee times will be assigned available tee times that have not been reserved.

Should I check in before play? Yes, you should register with the golf shop prior to using the facilities.

Are pull carts allowed? Yes, pull carts are allowed.