MGA (Men’s Golf Association)

Tee Times are on the 2nd Saturday of each month. This men golf group is a popular group that will have 60 to 80 players. Each month is a different format.

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The Golf Genius software will allow you to register for the MGA, including sizes (for schwag) and which tees you play.  This makes it eminently easier for us to fairly pair you and get started on time.

Annual Dues are $60 (mostly funding the Christmas party). Individual Tournaments are usually $40 per player.

This year we will also be offering the ability to charge to your favorite credit card for your tournament entry and dues. 

IMPORTANT:  If you do NOT join below, you will not be sent emails inviting you to events.

The roster slate is clean so we need each MGA member to opt in to the new list.

MGA Registration

WGA (Women Golf Association)

Tee times are every Wednesday, and Saturday of the month. Interested players may participate in a 9-hole or 18-hole games of golf. Games change every week.
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Current WGA members will not have to re-register, but can use the link below to sign in using GGID: WGA, selecting your name and entering your local number.

WGA Registration

9 Holers

Tee Times are on Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday at 9:15am, Friday at 9:30am. This ladies group is mixture of people playing 9 holes or 18 holes. The group consists of about 10 to 12 ladies.
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Balcones Junior Golf Association (BJGA)


The mission of the BJGA is to create fun events for kids to get them interested in golf and create friendships along the way. The participants would have the option of playing in competitive and non competitive groups for ages 6-16. (If you child is younger than 6 but is experienced in golf they could participate).

Golf Groups at Balcones

The Giggle

Tee Times are on Friday at 1:00pm, Saturday and Sundays 10:30am. Open to ladies and gentleman, Participation averages from 16-20 players, with a regular following of over 40 people of all ages and handicaps. We play stroke play formats with handicap, with a blind draw for team partners following the round. This allows players to pick their own foursome, show up at will and create a foursome. On all par 3’s there is closest to the pin.
Contact Cam White

The Gaggle

Tee Times are on Tuesday thru Thursday from 12:30 - 1:00pm. Fridays start at 1:00pm. The men play a 2 best ball of 4 or 5 net. This is a casual game where golfers can pick up if they had a bad hole.
Contact Steve Howard

The Polk Group

Tee Times are on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm. This group is open to anyone who likes to play in the afternoon. Participation averages 8-16 players, with a regular following of 20 people of all ages and handicaps. We play a one best ball of 2 with handicap ( if you don’t have an established handicap we’ll figure you one for the day). It’s a Nassau game were a team or teams can win the front nine, the back nine, or eighteen. They have individual low gross, low net, and closest to pin on #17.
Contact Darryl Polk

Berrier Group

Tee Times are on Friday at 12:30pm and Saturday and Sunday at 7:00am. Players are of all ages and handicaps. All games played are based on net scores. The games include 3 best ball of 4, or 2 best ball of 3. Another game within your foursome for 3 holes with partners changing every third hole is 2 balls count with high ball against high ball and low ball against low ball. On Fridays they include a skins game. To validate the skin, you must have at least a net par on the next hole. Players without handicaps or do not wish to participate in the games are welcome to play.
Contact David Berrier

Sunday Couples

This group is organized to promote couples enjoying a game of golf together.Solo players will be paired up with a partner.This is a fun group that plays competitive golf. Each person plays their own ball, so everyone can improve their own game, and submit their score to the handicap. We play on Sunday morning at 9:30am., unless the club has something else scheduled at that time. We also encourage after-golf dining and social time together at the club. We allow all levels of golfers that can play 18 holes and post a score, but we impose a maximum handicap of 28 for men and 32 for women. The fee for playing is $5.00 plus each person must have 5 quarters for “closest to the pin” on par 3s. The game is generally a four person game chosen by the Committee. All monies are returned to winning players. We try to have as many winners as money will allow. We are just here to have fun and enjoy the company.Contact Chuck and Bernice


Tee Times are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9:00am, when there is no WGA of MGA event schedule. This is open to ladies with handicaps ranging from 8 to 36. It is an individual play, with different types of formats being played. Most games are net only with closest to the pin on all par 3’s.
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Leedy Group

Tee Times are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:45am. This group is open to anyone at any skill level wanting an established group to play with. The group averages around 8 to 12 players, forming your own foursome for some competitive competition.
Contact Jerry Leedy

Galaxy (Formally Senior Stars)

Tee Times are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting at 9:30am. Open regardless to age is welcome, depending upon the number of players, we divide up into teams for some good competition.
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Bone Group

Tee Times are Tuesday thru Friday, starting at 11:45am. This group will have from 8 to 12 players

If you need help to get in one of these groups the pro shop will be glad to get in contact with any of the group or groups that you want to play.